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Sleepypod. The new US designed pet bed and carrier

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Cat Weight up to 15lb up to 7kg
Dog Weight up to 12.5lb up to 6kg
Bed + Dome Ø17×13.5"
Bed + Dome (Inside) Ø15×11.5" Ø38×28cm
Bed Ø17×6.5"
Packaged 18×18×9"

Sleepypod Mini

Cat Weight up to 7lb up to 3kg
Dog Weight up to 5.5lb up to 2.5kg
Bed + Dome Ø13×11"
Bed + Dome (Inside) Ø11×9" Ø28×23cm
Bed Ø13×5"
Packaged 15×15×7.5"

Sleepypod, the US designed cutting edge living space designed to move with you and your pet 

Our pets are important and they deserve the very best in comfort and security at all times. Until recently travelling meant confining our loved ones in hard, plastic or wicker boxes with limited visibility. Because most carriers are used only occasionally our pets often associate them with negative experiences like trips to the vet. So using a pet carrier can become stressful for both the pet and the owner. But that was before the Sleepypod!

Versatile: Both a bed and a carrier. Opening and removable dome top with pet-safe non-abrasive mesh

Soft and hygienic: machine washable ultra-plush bedding

Water resistant: Nylon covered foam bed and wall

Safe: Luggage grade 1680D ballistic nylon outer shell

Available in 6 vibrant colours.

Sizes and Variations


A Sleepypod is your pet’s personal space. The Sleepypod pampers your pet in luxuriously soft materials providing comfort and security. The top can be unzipped and the sides fixed open.

When the temperature outside drops; the Sleepypod Warmer Kit can be installed in the pocket in the under the Ultra Plush lining and for the opposite time of year the Sleepypod Air Mesh Bedding replaces the Ultra Plush to keep your pet cool.

SLEEPYPOD MINI was created with the active, small pet owner in mind. It has the same stress-free travel versatility as the larger Sleepypod.


OPTIONAL 6.5W energy efficient heatpad 

 Arelle is the UK distributor of this exceptional US designed product.  Please phone 01278 671733 for further details.  Trade enquiries welcome. 

Arelle also supplies merino wool luxury pet bedding.  The perfect complement to the stylish Sleepypod.


I havenít been able to find the perfect Pet Carrier for my sweet little 5 lb. dog. Well at least that was the case until I got the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed. Up until now she has hated every carrier I have tried. So when the Sleepypod arrived I was a little worried that she would react the same way she has with the others. I am so happy to report that she loves her Sleepypod! The great thing about the Sleepypod is that the top unzips and comes off completely. I was able to set the bed out and let her get used to it for about a week or so. Then when I put the top back on and put her in it, she didnít fuss! I was amazed because it had never happened before. I think helping her to feel comfortable in it first was key. I love that the Sleepypod top can be removed. Itís genius!

I was drawn to this carrier/ bed simply for its aesthetic appeal. After using it inside as a safe place for my new puppy, I decided to bring Dino to the vet in the pod. The safety features on this product are top-notch. There are two places to secure the seat belt. The seat lap band velcros under loop on side and the shoulder belt loops through the top handle on the pod. Once secured in place, this pod does not move. I also like that the mesh top is soft, the inside is a cushy bed, and the sides are strong and supportive. This is a very well thought out product.
Ericka Basile, Pet Connection

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