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Marquis Pure Merino Pet Bedding

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Size Information:

Small: Suitable for cats and small dogs. 40 x 40cm (16" x 16")

Medium: 75 x 80cm (29 x 31")

Large: 90 x 135cm (35" x 53")

If you need a special size or shape please contact Arelle Blankets

  • Fleece Material: 100% Merino Wool
  • Colour: One Side Cream, One Side Coffee & Caramel/Reversible
  • Self Cleaning
  • Super tough and long-lasting
  • Helpful for older pets

Sizes and Variations


Material:  100% merino wool in a thick double sided fleece.  The blanket is reversible and the neutral colours go well with most decors.  This material is also very tough and will stand up to the normal scratching and biting that pets inflict on their bedding.

Use:  Pets very quickly become "attached" a merino pet bed.  Use this pure merino bed in conventional, hard pet beds or on hard floors.  The insulation protects on cold surfaces.  These blankets can also protect furniture and car seats.

The health benefits of merino wool are well known and your pet can enjoy them too.  Especially useful for older pets which need a soothing environment.

Cleaning:  It is always a concern with pet bedding.  You will find that Merino Pet Bedding stays remarkably clean and fresh.  This is because merino wool is a hostile environment for many bacteria, mites and other small bugs.  Shaking and vacuuming is usually all that is required.  Otherwise wipe the bed with a damp cloth.  You can use mild detergent. Your pet's bed can given a cool wash if really necessary.

Price: Mainland UK customers pay the price you see. Postage & Packing is free. If you live elsewhere it is worth contacting us about delivery details. 


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