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Cashmere/Merino Mattress Toppers

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Size Information

All Standard Mattress Toppers are designed to be just smaller than the mattress size. This allows the elastic corner straps to hold the topper firmly in position.

All toppers are 200cm (6'6") long. The widths are;

Single: 90cm (2'11")

Double: 135cm (4'5")

King: 150cm (4'11")

Super King: 180cm (5'11")

Special sizes available for cots and children's beds.

We can make these luxury toppers for beds ofanysize and shape! Ideal for caravans, campers and boats.  Contact us for more information.

All the comfort and health benefits of merino wool with the added silky softness of cashmere.

The softness and warmth of the Kashmir Goat’s wool protects it from the extremes of climate in its natural habitat.  This makes it an ideal  complement to the fine properties of merino wool.  The blend of fibres used in this range provides the maximum  benefit of each at a realistic price.


  • A double layer of luxurious merino wool and silky cashmere with a hypoallergenic filling
  • Soft, silky texture
  • Breathable
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in the UK only from Arelle Blankets



Sizes and Variations


Healthier sleep: Merino wool and cashmere bedding provides more restful sleep by maintaining even temperature and humidity. The natural fibres offer protection against allergy-causing dust mites. The smooth texture provides a soothing environment for restful sleep.

Easy to clean: Natural animal fibre resists bacteria and dirt making its care surprisingly easy. We recommend shaking your Arelle Topper occasionally, preferable outside. Surface dirt or marks are best treated by wiping with a damp cloth. You can use mild detergent. If the blanket is badly stained it should be dry-cleaned by a specialist cleaner. Treated properly this Arelle Topper will last a lifetime making it excellent value.

Quality: Touch is everything with this topper. Contact Arelle for a swatch of this superb material. It may change the way you sleep for ever!

Price: Mainland UK customers pay the price you see. Postage & Packing is free. If you live elsewhere it is worth contacting us about delivery details.


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