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Natural Quality

Natural Quality

If you are not sure why you should dump your duvet just consider this. Merino Wool bedding is a natural, hypoallergenic alternative to duvets. It is soft and supportive and it resists bacteria and dust mites. One of our quality blankets will be just right in any season because it gives superb temperature and humidity control - just what you want for good night’s sleep. And of course these properties are even more important to the very young. That’s why we have a small range of merino baby blankets.

And it is not just merino. Arelle Blankets offers sumptuous natural fibre bedding made of merino blended with silky cashmere, soft camel hair, or smooth alpaca.

There are loads of other reasons for using natural fibre bedding.  A good fleecy blanket has many more uses than a duvet - they look great anywhere. Our customers use them in caravans, on boats and in the summerhouse.  They look good anywhere.  They are also tough and easy to clean. Treated correctly a natural fibre blanket will last for many years. It’s well worth investing in Arelle Blanket quality.

As well as quality products we offer great service. We will send you a sample of our materials with no obligation. We can make blankets to almost any size or shape and it costs you nothing to phone us and ask. We guarantee all our blankets will last for years and we even deliver to most UK addresses free of charge.